Mounted Prints On Wood Panel


Here is an insight into my process

Mounting Prints On Wood Panel


Step One:

Print out the artwork onto Premium Presentation Paper (Matte).

Step Two:

Brush Matte Gel Medium (Liquitex) onto wood panel and back of print. 

Step Three:

Cut Excess Paper off with cutting knife.

Step Four:

Place panels upside down, put weight on it and let dry over night.

Apply Coating to Artwork


Step Five:

Apply a coat to print and sides of the panel..

Gel Gloss might leave bubbles, so you need to experiment before committing to your proper art work.

Mod Podge will give you a nice coat, but it will remain sticky. Let the coat dry for at least a week and then seal it.

Letting the Artwork Dry


Step Six:

Easy: Do nothing. Let the coat dry.

Putting on the final Varnish


Step Seven:

Put on the final Varnish.

Dura Clear Gloss Varnish from DecoArt works well.

You can also use Gloss Polymer Varnish from Golden.

Letting it Dry


Step Eight:

Let the varnish dry. Apply a second coat if you like. Artwork should be fully dried after two days.